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Supplies Checklist

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Unsure of where to buy the best goat supplies? Here are a few of our favorite, great online livestock supply stores that can help!​

Supplies Checklist

  • ​Hoof trimmers

  • Blood stop powder

  • Hair Clippers & #10 blade
    {Recommend Wahl KM10 or HM5}

  • Tattoo gun & green ink

  • Castration tool of choice

  • Digital thermometer

  • Various supplements
    Replamin gel​
    Probiotic gel
    Selenium/Vitamin E gel
    Red Cell for horses
    Goat Nutri-drench/PowerPunch
    Copper Bolus {If needed}

OTC Medicine & Supportive Care

  • Antibiotic
    - Biomycin (non-sting version) OR 

  • Milk of Magnesium
    - {MoM - plain mint}

  • Pepto or Scourguard

  • Vitamin B12 Complex

  • Thiamine

  • CD&T Vaccine

  • CD Antitoxin

  • Tetanus toxoid

Goat Supplies
Goat Supplies
Goat Vaccines
Goat Prescription Medication

Prescription Medication

to keep on hand


  • Draxxin - Pneumonia, mastitis, various needs when Biomycin isn't enough 

  • Banamine - reduces pain, inflamation, & fever reducer

  • Multimin 90 - Mineral injectable

Parasite Prevention

& Treatment


  • Cydectin sheep drench - Clear class

  • Valbazen - White class {not safe for pregnant does}

  • Safeguard - Tapeworms {safe for pregnant does}

  • Coccidia - Sulfamed 40% or Corid

  • UltraBoss- PourOn External Parasites/ Lice 

  • Ivermectin 1% Injectable - External Mites/ Lice

Goat Parasite Prevention
Goat Parasite Prevention
Goat Coccidia Prevention

Kidding Supplies

  • OB Examination lube

  • Sterile gloves

  • Baby nose bulb sucker

  • Selenium/Vitamin E gel

  • Nutri-Drench/Power Punch

  • YMCP - for mom

  • Pritchard nipples & bottles

  • Goat electrolytes

  • Powdered Colostrum - for emergencies

Goat Kidding Supplies

Feed & Minerals


  • High quality hay; alfalfa, orchard, etc.

  • 16% Properly balanced Calcium to Phosphorus ratio {2:1} Complete grain

  • Alfalfa pellets

  • BOSS {Black Oil Sunflower Seeds}

  • Sweetlix Meat Maker Minerals {loose minerals left available free choice 24/7}

Balanced Goat Grain
Complete Goat Grain
Alfalfa Pellets
Sweetlix Meat Maker Goat Minerals

Milking Supplies

  • Paper towels or reusable wash cloths

  • Seamless stainless pail for milking

  • Iodine/water solution and spray bottle for teat washing

  • Bag Balm {Naylors brand}

  • Dynamint udder cream

  • FightBac

  • Milking machine if desired {recommend Simple Pulse}

Simple Pulse Milk Machine
Milking Supplies

Keep It Clean

  • Paper towels or reusable wash cloths

  • Germ-X

  • Clorox Wipes, Bleach or Disinfectant Cleaner

  • Alcohol

  • Disposable Gloves


Tattoo Supplies

  • Tattoo Gun

  • Green Ink

  • Alcohol

  • Paper Towels

  • Gloves

  • Clippers to trim ears

  • Tetanus Antitoxin


disbudding Supplies

  • Disbudding Box, Heavy Duty Welding gloves

  • Clippers to trim horn bud area

  • Electric Dehorner ( I recommend the Rhinehart X30 with a 1/2 in tip- Found at Jeffers Online)

  • Tetanus Antitoxin

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