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Sinai Thunder O Victor's Crown *B  **DNA**

DOB: 10/15/2018

SIRE - Field's of Grace PT Zion's King *B +VV83 **DNA**

  • ​​​SS - Olson Acres CCC Pele's Tears *B​

  • ​SD - GCH Wood Bridge Farm Too Fancy 1*M VEEE90

​DAM - SG Sinai Thunder AG Patience 2*M VVEE90 **DNA**

  • ​DS - Olson Acres RC Augustine ++*B

  • DD - SG Cornerstone Farm MM Charity 1*M EEEV90

Sinai Thunder O Victor's Crown

Cedar View Martini +*B

 VEE89 **DNA**

DOB: 7/27/2017

SIRE - CH Cedar View Ceasario +*B VEV89 **DNA**

  • ​​​SS - Little Tots Estate Metasequoia *B​ VEV89 **DNA**

  • ​SD - Little Tots Estate Helianthus 2*M

​DAM - GCH Little Tots Estate Paeonia 1*M VVEE90

  • ​DS - SM3Pines VJ XONE FO Contention

  • DD - Little Tots Estate Pistacia

Cedar View Martini

Valley's-Edge AmericanGraffiti  VVE 87 **DNA**

DOB: 1/19/2016

SIRE - Tiny Angels CK Two Faced +B AVV81 **DNA**

  • ​SS - Sugar Moon O Creole King *B A+V80

  • SD - AGS Tiny Angels A Cha Cha VEVV88

DAM - CH Tiny Angels American Beauty EVEE91

  • ​DS - Tiny Angels Levi Blues

  • DD - Tiny Angels BTTB Painted Daisy

Valley's-Edge AmericanGraffiti

SugarCreek Haven Manhattan *B

DOB: 10/10/2020

SIRE - Cedar View Martini *B VEE89 **DNA**

  • ​SS - GCH Cedar View Ceasario +*B VEV89 **DNA**

  • SD - GCH Little Tots Estate Paeonia 1*M VVEE90

​DAM - Cedar View Ave Maria 3*M VVEV86

  • DS - Little Tots Estate Bambino ++*B **DNA**

  • DD - SG Cori's Fancy N Delmina 3*M VEEV88

SugarCreek Haven Manhattan

Cedar View That's Amore

*B **DNA**

DOB: 1/21/2017


SIRE - Little Tots Estate Bambino ++*B **DNA**

  • ​SS - GCH AGS Buffalo Clover Valentino ++B **DNA**

  • ​SD - SGCH AGS Little Tots Estate Bambusa 2*M

DAM - SG Cori's Fancy N Delmina 3*M VEEV88

  • ​​DS - Buttin'Heads Nickelodeon

  • DD - SGCH Cori's Fancy Dinah Belle 2*M VVEE90

Cedar View That's Amore
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