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Sales Policy

Please print this sales policy and sign it to bring with you when you're picking up your new herd member! 

Printable Link Coming Soon

I currently do not accept deposits for babies prior to birth but will offer kids on a first come first serve basis after checking reservation lists.

Does in milk will be offered after completing DHIR milk testing and/or after their babies have sold or have been weaned.

NON- refundable deposits of 50% of price will be taken at the time offered for sale when commitment to buy has been made. Deposits to be made within 3 days by PayPal or other agreed upon means. Remaining payment to be made in cash at time of pickup.

Babies are raised on a bottle from birth and will be offered as bottle kids at 2-3 weeks old. I do not wean babies on the bottle for buyers without an additional cost of raising fee of $100.00 to be paid up front and kids will be picked up at 8 weeks old at that time.

All kids will be disbudded, tattoo assigned as babies or applied if after 3 weeks old and they are still on my farm. Kids will be dewormed, receive coccidia prevention and CDT vaccine prior to leaving my farm. Pickup is to be made within 2 weeks of placing the deposit on the kid/ kids or an additional $25.00 per week / per kid will be added until picked up.

While I will give extensive mentoring and will give you resources to learn to care for your new baby or adult, I cannot be held responsible for the health and future care once the animal leaves my farm. Animals will be guaranteed healthy at the time of sale and before leaving the care of my farm. Due to the common stress of moving and relocating of goats, potential changes in feed and care, management etc., once animals have left my farm, no further health guarantees can be made or will be given. All sales are final.

I will be available by email, phone or text to help you with any question... at any time... your goat or the one you've bought from me. I will always be happy to help within the scope of my ability.

Each SugarCreek customer will receive a care package consisting of a small portion of food and supplements to help you in transitioning from my farm to yours. We look forward to meeting you soon! 

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